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TrendForce: 2014 Wide-Viewing-Angle LCD Monitor Sees 25-30% Penetration Rate


Consumer Electronics / Display

According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce,the 2013 LCD monitor shipment including AIO is around 158 million units, dipping 5% YoY The declining trend will continue in 2014 with a shipment of 150 million units, dropping 51% YoY Among those, the LCD monitor shipment is around 134 million units, declining 63% YoY, and the AIO shipment is 16 million units, surging 67% YoY What needs to be observed is panel makers turn aggressive on the wide-viewing-angle panel production, and the wide-viewing-angle shows a penetration rate as high as 30% of the LCD monitors in 2014 WitsView assistant research manager Anita Wang indicates that the 2014 LCD monitor shipment drops 63% mainly because brands hold conservative BP, and the constrained LCD monitor panel supply will influence the annual shipment as panel makers adjust capacities The conventional monitor segment is declining constantly due to the erosion of smart mobile devices, and to maintain profits, most of makers from upstream to downstream  develop  niche products Some brands work with Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform to launch touch LCD monitors but gain unideal sales for the three following reasons: 1 Windows 8 requires a minimum of five-point touch to meet its touch screen standard, brands have to use the projective capacitive touch module, and with a larger size than a tablet, it leads to more than twice the production cost of a regular monitor as well as an excessive end selling price    2 The use distance is wider for a LCD monitor than a tablet and a NB, the cost should be increased even the problem can be solved with a holder able to be adjusted horizontal; 3 Windows 8 stirs a weaker-than-expected replacement effect, and the touch LCD monitor loses the ground in the first sales Contrarily, the smart LCD monitor equipped with Android OS is more marketable despite its cost is twice to that of a regular LCD monitor As it has basic computer functions in addition to the touch, it can be used to connect internet without a central unit It has multiple times of sales to the touch LCD monitors but needs more time to promote By comparison, the wide-viewing-angle LCD monitor gains more traction among consumers with a 10% penetration rate in 2013With panel makers growing active on the production of wide-viewing-angle in 2014, the wide-viewing-angle penetration rate will reach 25-30% of the LCD monitor shipment On top of wide-viewing-angle products, panel makers plan to develop high-resolution LCD monitor panels As the high-resolution fashion spreads to the LCD monitor segment and AIO market, the high-end lineups will be enriched and generate new sales   Global LCD Monitor Shipment (Million Units)      

Press Releases
TrendForce: LCD Monitor Brands Boost Year-end Shipment, Lifting October Result



According to the survey by Witsview, the display division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the global top ten LCD monitor brands’ shipment in October 2013 rose 02% from September and dipped from the same period last year SI makers’ October shipment declined 44% from September but grew 51% YoY Despite most brands boosted shipment in September, the shipments in October continued to rise due to: 1American brands’ attempt to lift sales performance for the year-end or quarter-end financial settlement purpose before the year-end shopping season; 2 Samsung's continuously boosting shipment; 3 Lenovo’s strengthening shipment as the Chinese market enters the peak season LCD monitor SI makers’ shipment was stronger than expected in October, which declined only 44%, narrower than the 7% record in previous years, as SI makers’ shipment in October is usually affected by the factories closed for National Holidays and clients’ advanced procurement in September This year’s shipment benefitted from Dell’s strong procurement and some makers’ ambition to lift shipment volume in Q4 to compensate the weaker-than-expected performance in Q3 WitsView assistant research manager Anita Wang indicates despite of LCD monitor brands’ ideal performance in Q4, the smooth sales at the retailer end is the key If the sales during Black Friday and Christmas holidays is not well, the inventory at the retailers’ hands would need more time to digest, which will impact the procurement momentum in Q1 2014  2013 Top Ten Monitor Brands and SI Makers’ QoQ Shipments changes Source: WitsView

Press Releases
TrendForce: LCD Monitor’s Magnificent Q3 Shipment Performance Seems Short-Lived



According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, the global top ten LCD monitor brands and SI makers showed stronger-than-expected surges in Q3 shipments, respectively rising 58% and 79% from Q2 but trimming 48% and 56% from the same period last year Brands’ higher-than-expected LCD monitor shipments in Q3 mainly benefitted from: 1the European and American retail channels preparing for the Q4 shopping season in advance; 2 Chinese retail channels’ early purchases for Oct 1st   holidays; 3most brands’ attempt to boost sales for the year-end peak season as their shipments in H1’13 were unideal Besides, LCD monitor SI makers’ excellent shipments were thanks to brand clients’ aggressive shipment lift, and in addition, brands added orders early in September in response to fewer working days on Mid-Autumn and Oct 1st  Holidays WitsView assistant research manager Anita Wang indicates despite of a rise in the Q3 restocking demand, the uprising shipment result may only be temporary and short-lived Besides, as the year-end financial inventory taking approaches and downstream clients’ procurement tends to be conservative, WitsView projects 16% and 56% drops in top ten brands and SI makers’ Q4 shipments, respectively     2013 Top Ten LCD Monitor Brands and SI Makers’ QoQ Shipment Changes Source: WitsView,Nov-13

Press Releases
TrendForce:October Expected to be Brands’ Annual LCD Monitor Shipment Peak



According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the top ten LCD monitor brands and SI makers both saw rising shipments from July Top ten brands held a shipment of 1039 million units, rising 4% from July, while that of brands came to 1158 million units, growing 59% However, they showed declines from the same period last year, which include a 46% drop for the brands and a 23% decrease for the SI makers SI makers held a more evident monthly shipment growth in August as it takes four to six weeks to ship by sea from China to Europe and the US and SI makers have to distribute goods in August in preparation of the Q4 peak season In addition, the working days in China are shortened on Oct 1st National Holidays, and downstream makers need to prepare in advance in August and September August is expected to be SI makers’ shipment peak this year, while the shipment peak for brands will be October     WitsView assistant research manager Anita Wang indicates brands actively boost LCD monitor shipment, which enjoys higher gross profit, especially the wide viewing angel products gaining brands’ attention with wider-viewing angle, saturated colors, and high C/P value Top ten brands had a 16% penetration rate in August, and among them, LG and BenQ, on their own panel makers’ strategies of lifting wide-viewing angle proportion, secured the No1 and No3 places with respective 34% and 20% penetration rates in the wide-viewing angle segment Dell held a penetration rate reaching 32% in August with its advantageous position in the high-end commercial segment, right after LG ASUS saw a wide-viewing angle penetration rate of 16% with its mainly promoted high-end consumer models, ranked as the No4 The largest wide-viewing angle panel supplier is LGD, and with the other panel makers introducing products of diverse applications and sizes, brands’ penetration rates among the wide-viewing angle products will be lifted Figure:2013 Monthly Shipments of Top Ten LCD Monitor Brands Source: WitsView, Sep-13

Press Releases
TrendForce:Samsung Cedes Position of No.1 Monitor Shipment Brand to Become No.3



According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the global top ten LCD monitor brands’ 2013 shipment will be around 120 million units, declining 71% from 2012 Due to the struggling global economic recovery in 2013 and the fast-selling smart phones and tablets, the demand for LCD monitors continues to shrink, and the replacement demand for NBs hasn’t seen light at the end of the tunnel yet Hence, LCD monitor brands have switched the business core to larger-sized products and niche products with higher profits    Samsung shows the most aggressive strategic shift as the Korean makers sees profits as top priority It cuts unprofitable model shipments, reduces planning for small sizes, and develops niche, large-sized, and public displays to boost gross profits However, profit and market share cannot be achieved at the same time as the high value-added products always hold weaker market shares than regular ones As a result, Samsung will lose its No1 place on shipment and moves backward as No3 Dell, contrarily, benefits from its long-term cultivation in the commercial market and gains the long-anticipated champion title on the relatively stable demand      Table: 2012/2013 LCD monitor brands’ shipments Source: WitsView,Aug-13, unit:Mn/YoY%

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