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November’s TV Panel Shipments Fell Slightly but Chinese Manufacturers Overtook Taiwanese Rivals in Volume, TrendForce Reports



The latest large-size LCD panel shipment report by WitsView, a division of TrendForce, says a total of 2274 million LCD TV panels were shipped in November, representing just a 08% decrease compared with prior month and a 22% increase year on year Iris Hu, WitsView assistant research manager, stated that since branded TV vendors are going to do an annual inventory check at the end of year, some of the December’s panel demand was pulled into November Consequently, November’s monthly TV panel shipments saw only a small decline LG Display (LGD) posted the best TV panel shipment result in November with 482 million units shipped and monthly growth of 128% LGD has been expanding its presence in China and is now the leader in LCD TV panel market on account of its close-knit relationships with its Chinese partners The other South Korean panel maker Samsung Display Corp (SDC) by contrast has had uneven performances through this year because it relied too much on purchase orders from the group company Samsung Electronics Nonetheless, SDC’s monthly TV panel shipments for November grew 114% to 426 million units due to October having shorter shipment base period Taiwanese panel maker Innolux managed to post impressive results owing to Mexico’s procurement With the last TV panel shipments to the country delivered in October, however, Innolux’s performance started to slide Shipments of its 236-inch TV panels in particular suffered a sharp 42% monthly decline in November As a result of the shipment plunge in this size segment, Innolux’s TV panel shipments on the whole fell 238% in the same month, totaling just 358 million units This is the first time this year that Innolux saw an over 20% monthly drop in TV panel shipments, and the panel maker also lost its No 3 spot in the TV panel shipment ranking Major Chinese panel maker BOE Technology (BOE) replaced Innolux in November’s ranking with 361 million units shipped and a monthly growth of 3% BOE continues to leverage its massive capacity to expand shipments and take orders away from competitors AU Optronics (AUO) has seen strong sales and restocking of its 43-inch panels, and this segment’s monthly shipments surpassed 600,000 units in November The growth in 43-inch panel shipments helped raise AUO’s overall TV panel shipments in November to 241 million units, which was a new monthly record this year However, AUO was still No 6 in the TV panel shipment ranking, trailing behind China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) CSOT remained in the No 5 spot in November even though its TV panel shipments fell slightly by 04% compared with the prior month It is likely that AUO and CSOT will continue to trade places in the ranking in the near future

Press Releases
CSOT Overtook AUO to Become No. 5 in TV Panel Shipments during Weak October, Says TrendForce



According to the latest large-size panel report by WitsView, a division of TrendForce, TV panel shipments totaled 2293 million units in October, down 63% from September but up 64% from a year ago “Stocking up for year-end sales was winding up in October,” said WitsView analyst Iris Hu “As result, monthly TV panel shipments declined more than 5%, a first in the past six months Brand vendors have become more careful in panel procurement and inventory management towards the end of the year” WitsView expects quarterly TV panel shipments to fall nearly 1% in this fourth quarter because panel makers intend to maintain their utilization rates The annual shipments will total near 270 million units As panel suppliers are not cutting their production, panel prices will continue to fall There are signs that the price decline of large-size panels are enlarging Based on the above reasons, the fourth-quarter profit outlook for panel suppliers is pessimistic BOE’s 32-inch shipments increased significantly by 14% Looking at October’s TV panel shipments from Taiwanese panel makers, Innolux’s performance was relatively impressive Although Innolux suffered from a huge cut in 236-inch panel orders from Samsung Electronics Company (SEC), Mexico’s procurement timely made up this shipment gap Compared with September, Innolux’s shipments declined by only 1% in October, totaling 47 million units The supplier maintained a relatively high shipment level AU Optronics (AUO) was affected by brand vendors finishing stocking up for the year-end sales, so the panel maker’s monthly shipments fell 51% in October  South Korean panel maker Samsung Display (SDC) suffered a near 20% decrease in TV panel shipments for October because SEC reduced orders to the panel supplier for strategic reasons As for the other South Korean panel maker, LG Display (LGD), its monthly shipments declined 102% in October as brand vendors finished stocking up for the season WitsView, however, expects that LGD’s shipments will recover to their monthly average of 46~47 million units by the end of the year, when brand vendors will stock up for the Chinese New Year (in February) and the launch of their new models As for Chinese panel makers, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) saw a big boost in its October TV panel shipments, which reached 25 million units CSOT was ranked No 5 in market share because the production operation its new Gen-85 fab has become more efficient this year Moreover, its 32-inch TV panel output has also recovered For BOE Technology Group (BOE), its October TV panel shipments did not drop and were maintained at 35 million units Above all, BOE’s 32-inch shipments saw a monthly growth of 14% despite the downtrend in panel prices On the whole, TV panel shipments from Chinese suppliers will keep increasing in face of the difficult market situation because the Chinese government will continue to financially support them

Press Releases
BOE Jumps to No. 4 in Ranking of TV Panel Suppliers Based on Combined Shipments of First Three Quarters, Says TrendForce



The latest large-size panel shipment report by WitsView, a division of TrendForce, reports that TV panel shipments totaled 2447 million units in September, representing a monthly increase of 99% and a year-on-year increase of 138% Iris Hu, WitsView assistant research manager, stated that TV panel market experienced a steady rise in stock-up demand during the first half of 2015 At the same time, panel prices also began to weaken at the end of the first quarter Therefore, the overall demand of branded TV vendors did not drop despite uncertainties in the TV market  In the third quarter, panel prices continued their decline and the Chinese panel industry was putting additional capacity in place This encouraged vendors to place more orders in exchange for lower prices Global TV panel shipments reached 6906 million units in the third quarter, translating to a 27% growth over the prior quarter and 74% growth compared with the same period a year ago Additionally, the combined TV panel shipments for the first three quarters of 2015 exceeded 201 million units, resulting in an impressive year-on-year growth of 106% Shipment results of the first three quarters show LGD on top while BOE overtook AUO and CSOT to reach fourth place in the TV panel market LG Display (LGD) tops the ranking of combined TV panel shipments for first three quarters of 2015 with a volume of 4173 million units According to Hu, LG’s outstanding performance this year is attributed to the pricing of its mainstream products and its broad client base LGD not only continues to work with its parent company to develop branded TV products, the panel maker also strengthens its relationship with both first- and second-tier Chinese vendors, such as Skyworth WitsView estimates LGD’s annual shipments for this year may reach 55 million units, up 59% year on year Innolux shipped a total of 3906 million units of TV panels during the first three quarters and is temporarily at No 2 Innolux’s panel shipments expanded in the first half of 2015 owing to its contract with the Mexican government Its shipments during this year's second half will also be supported by the 395-inch panel orders from Samsung Electronics However, TV panel shipments to Mexico will not be as large as before Innolux’s total shipments for 2015 is projected to grow 23% year on year to 513 million units Samsung Display Corporation (SDC) trails closely behind Innolux at No 3 with a total of 3876 million units of TV panels shipped for the three-quarter period Due to a cut in orders from Samsung Electronics, SDC will likely lose its top spot in the annual shipment ranking as its total shipments this year are projected to drop 66% from 2014 to 517 million units BOE Technology Group shipped 2477 million units of TV panels in the three-quarter period and has leapt to the No 4 spot in the market With a new Gen-85 fab in operation, BOE massively expanded its shipments and has been the leader of the 32-inch segment with over 2 million units shipped every month since May At the same time, the panel maker is developing large-size market segments, such as the 48- and 55-inch BOE might suffer a 3~4% quarterly decline in the fourth quarter due to seasonality, but its total shipments for this year are expected to shoot up around 140% to more than 34 million units Thus, it is likely to hold the fourth-place position in the annual TV panel shipments ranking, edging out AU Optronics (AUO) and China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) AUO’s TV panel shipments during the first three quarters totaled 2022 million units, down 65% year on year The decline was attributed to the panel maker adjusting its product mix to favor UHD products and the 50-inch and larger segment while not adding new capacity AUO is projected to ship 264 million TV panel units this year, resulting in an annual decline of 83% CSOT’s second-quarter shipments of 32-inch TV panels suffered a sharp drop because of floor cracks at one of its fabs Despite shipment recovery in the third quarter, the total volume for the first three quarters was at 1775 million units The panel maker has a new Gen-85 fab in operation this year, but it is dedicated to 55-inch UHD products With the new capacity being used for large-size panels and the shipment plunge of the 32-inch segment, CSOT’s annual shipments are estimated to fall by 25% to 24 million units

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