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SSD Price Trends


SSD Street Price ($USD)

Street prices of SSDs are updated every two weeks.

WW SSD Street Price collected by diverse brands and densities in major markets, including NA, Japan and EU.

LastUpdate: 2023-05-26

Brand Specification Series Capacity High Low Average Change
ADATA SATA 3 SU630 480 43.22 36.84 38.79 -3.23%
Crucial SATA 3 MX500 250 52.97 40.31 46.80 -4.23%
Kingston SATA 3 A400 240 34.99 24.83 29.26 -2.63%
Kimtigo PCIE 3.0 P650 256 19.20 14.80 17.00 0.00%
WD SATA 3 WD Green 240 54.96 27.32 43.50 4.08%
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