Research Reports

NAND Flash Industry Analysis-3Q20


NAND Flash , Notebook Computers , Smartphones , Tablets


Brief comment on the 3Q20 NAND Flash Market: as the demand end enters the inventory adjustment phase...

NAND Flash Industry Analysis-2Q20


NAND Flash , Smartphones , Tablets


Brief comments on the 2Q20 NAND Flash market: The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the market has been extensive and the demand...

Summary of COVID-19’s Effects on Tech Industries


DRAM , NAND Flash , Wafer Foundries , IC Design , IC Manufacturing, Package&Test , LCD , OLED , Upstream Components , Panel Industry , Display Supply Chain , Display Technologies , Solar PV , Lithium Battery and Energy Storage , Notebook Computers , TVs , Smartphones , Tablets , Wearable Devices , Monitors / AIO , Others , 5G Technologies , 5G Spectrum & Policies , Broadband & Home Network , Automotive Technologies


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate and cause damage to the global economy and consumers’ purchasing power, TrendForce has compiled its latest report on the statuses of key electronics component and downstream industries, with data last updated on March 26, 2020. The report provides a deep dive into the pandemic’s influences on several high-tech industries.