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Smartphone Market Decode_2Q21


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TrendForce, a global market intelligence firm for the technology sector, proudly presents “Smartphone Market Decode” – a quarterly research report that draws from the best resources and analyses from the company’s elite researchers. This work represents the synergy of the following teams under our wings: the Department of Semiconductor Research, the Department of Display Research, and the divisions at TRI for the study of advanced technologies.
In addition to first-hand data on the smartphone production volumes of the major electronics brands and the latest intelligence on the markets for key components, “Smartphone Market Decode” offers in-depth analyses on the developments of a wide range of mobile-related technologies. This report assists enterprises in adapting to the rapidly changing market environment by providing the most real-time and professional knowledge that can be used to make the best operational decisions.

Pandemic-Induced Cloud Migration Dynamics in Asia Pacific May Alleviate Inventory Gap of Server Supply Chain


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The COVID-19 pandemic had decelerated the global economic development over the past year, yet expedited on the progress of enterprise cloud migration. Businesses, regardless of scales...

Growth in Total Smartphone Production Lowers to 8.5% YoY and May Shrink Further for 2021 Due to India’s Second Outbreak




Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that the performance of the smartphone industry is being negatively affected by the second massive wave of COVID-19 outbreak that is battering India at this moment...

LG Formally Announces Its Exit from Smartphone Market After Years of Losses




Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that the global smartphone market is now experiencing intensifying competition after a relatively prosperous decade...