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Global Smartphone Production Reached New 10-Year Low in 2Q23 with Around 270 Million Units and YoY Decline of 6.6% as Market Remained in Slump


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Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that regional smartphone markets as a whole entered a period of decline during 1H23. Hence, global smartphone production fell again by...

Low Bases for YoY Comparison Will Result in Slight Growth in Memory Demand Bits for 2024 Despite Lack of Improvements in Macroeconomic Situation


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According to the latest research from the global market research firm TrendForce, as of 2023, there has not been a notable turnaround in the global economy...

3Q23 Mobile Datasheet


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Mobile DRAM and Mobile NAND Flash latest market supply/demand update.

Smartphone Market Bulletin_20230817




Various regional smartphone markets all experienced a decline during 1H23, and the global smartphone production for the period registered a YoY drop of 13%. Now, in 2H23...

Smartphone Market Bulletin_20230803




Global smartphone production totaled around 270 million units for 2Q23, registering a YoY decline of 7.2% and a QoQ increase of 8.3%...

Smartphone Market Bulletin_20230720




Smartphone production is expected to recover in 2H23 due to the effect of the peak season and the releases of new models. However, smartphone brands’ subsequent production performances could still be constrained by sluggish demand...