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Ongoing Threat of COVID-19 Outbreaks Could Lead to Further Downward Correction in Smartphone Production Figure for 2H21




Manufacturing industries in Vietnam experienced relatively mild impact from the COVID-19 pandemic last year due to effective disease-controlling measures...

As Pandemic Eases in the US and Europe, Appropriate Pricing Will Help Apple Achieve Better Result for New iPhones


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Global market intelligence firm TrendForce has reported that the share of high-end models in global smartphone sales fell in 2020 because of the severe of impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic performances of numerous countries during that year...

Cluster Infection at KYEC May Impact Smartphone Chipset Supply


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As indicated by the survey of global market intelligence firm TrendForce, the recent cluster infection of coronavirus at the Zhunan fab of global backend testing leader KYEC in Miaoli continues to enlarge...

Mobile DRAM Industry Analysis-2Q21


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With the arrivals of different COVID-19 vaccines, the annual global smartphone production is forecasted to return to the pre-pandemic level of above 1.3 billion units for 2021...

NAND Flash Industry Analysis-2Q21


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An overview of the developments in the NAND Flash market during 2Q21 is as follow: The recent wave of COVID-19 outbreaks in India has weakened the stock-up demand from smartphone brands...

Latest Wave of COVID-19 Outbreaks in Southeast Asia Could Lead to Downward Corrections in Smartphone Production for 2Q21


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According to the latest research by market intelligence firm TrendForce, the energetic stock-up demand from smartphone brands was carried from 4Q20 to 1Q21...