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2Q16 High-end Commercial Lighting and Track Light Market

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    Introduction  High end Commercial Lighting is Becoming Invisible Champion in The LED Market  Advancing Light Quality Will Become Inevitable in The Future  Light Quality Supply Chain  Light Quality v.s. Product Luminous Efficacy in Different Region  Commercial Lighting Requirements  Main Differences Between IES TM-30-15 IES and CIE  LED Package Products Used in High Quality Commercial Lighting LED Lighting Market Scal  2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Scale- Downlight, PAR and Rse  2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Volume in 2016- Downlight, PAR and RS  Lighting LED Color Temperature Distribution Trend  COB Penetration Rate in High-end Commercial Lighting  CRI Trend in High-end Lighting Market Track Light Product Specification and Price  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Europe  European Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in the U.S.  U.S. Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Japan  Japanese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in China  Chinese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products Major 12 Player Strategies L+B 2016 Show Overview  Smart Lighting Has Been The Main Focus at This Year’s Show  Lighting Brands Changing Market Promotion Strategies Advanced LED Technologies  Challenging LED’s Maximum Luminous Efficiency  Samsung Announces GaN-on-Si CSP LED Mass Production Time Table  Challenges for Traditional COB LED  Manufacturers Refuse to Compromise on Light Quality  Manufacturers Gradually Paying Attention to Flicker Issues in LED Lights  Aside from Lighting, Biosensor Technology Is to Become New Emerging Market for LEDs  LED Filaments Are Widely Used in Omnidirectional Luminaire  Bendable Filament Bulbs Received Positive Market Feedback Smart Lighting  Manufacturers Are Integrating Different Communication Protocols into Their Smart Lighting Products  Osram Introduces LUXeye To The Market  EnOcean, An Wireless Energy Harvesting Technology from Osram  Indoor Positioning Systems and Data Collection  IOT Lighting Eco System OLED Lighting Progress  OLED Enters High-end Decorative Lighting  LG Display- Bendable OLED Luminaires  LG Display- Improving OLED Panel’s Yield Rate and Reduction of Costs  Sumitomo Chemical  OLEDWorks  OLED Luminous Efficacy Has Improved  Cost of OLEDs Saw Rapid Drop  OLED Tail Lamps Showcasted in the Market  L+B 2016 Exhibition- Conclusion


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