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Foundry to Once Again Ascend in Market Value by 13% YoY in 2022 with Mitigation Exhibiting in Chip Scarcity

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  • 2021-10-22

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As indicated by the semiconductor research division of global market intelligence firm TrendForce, the demand for semiconductor invigorated by 5G smartphones had started gradually ferment since 2H19, coupling with the break out of the omnipresent COVID-19 pandemic during 2020, as well as the increasingly heightened geopolitical factors...


Ken Kuo

Joanne Chiao

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Nexchip’s Aggressive Capacity Expansion Puts Pressure on Taiwan’s Tier-2/3 Foundries; US Export Restrictions Remain Biggest Variable


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According to the latest research from global market intelligence firm TrendForce, topics related to “short chains” or “localized production” are coming under increasing attention because of the recent geopolitical turbulences...

Chinese Buyers Permitted for Server Component Procurement after Signing MOU as US DOC Reinforces Sanction on China


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As indicated by the survey of global market intelligence firm TrendForce, the superposition effect from the series of sanctions imposed by the US Department of Commerce on China since 2018 have been gradually restricting the latter’s domestic development in end industries...

US Department of Commerce Extends Scope of Semiconductor Technology Export Restrictions Against China from Logic ICs to Memory


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The US Department of Commerce announced the latest semiconductor technology export restrictions against China on October 7th (local time). The export control regime...