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NAND Flash Market Bulletin_20221026

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  • NAND Flash Market Bulletin

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  • 2022-10-26

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Report Overview

The negotiations for 4Q22 contract prices are being conducted amidst sellers’ aggressiveness in sales and passiveness in enquiries...


Avril Wu

Sean Lin

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The increasing stocking among Chinese module houses since this month, as well as how US suppliers had yet to exhibit aggressive inclination in sales from their quarter-end financial reports...

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Negotiations for 2Q23 contract prices are still underway. PC buyers, as client SSD prices gradually draw new to cash cost, are becoming more inclined in establishing low-priced inventory...

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Negotiations for 2Q23 are currently underway, where a sizable QoQ increase in client SSD orders by some NB OEMs has further enlarged the price reduction this quarter to an average drop almost...