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Server DRAM Officially Surpasses Mobile DRAM in DRAM Output as Smartphone Demand Continues to Weaken in 2023

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  • 2023-02-15

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As indicated by the latest survey of global market intelligence firm TrendForce, uncertainties yielded by the supply chain amidst the pandemic had led to an accumulation of excessive inventory from the preparation...


Ken Kuo

Mia Huang

Mark Liu

Caron Ju

Bryan Ao

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Latest Investigation on Power Outage at STSP on June 1st Finds No Significant Operational Impact on TSMC and UMC


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According to global market intelligence firm TrendForce, the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) experienced a power outage and voltage drop around 3:00 pm on June 1st...

China’s Matured Node Expansion Overcasted as Japan Announced Export Control Regulations on Semiconductor Equipment


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As indicated by the survey of global market intelligence firm TrendForce, since the US Department of Commerce extended its semiconductor sanction from logic IC to memory and HPC chips for supercomputers and AI computing on October 7th 2022...

Demand Continues to Weaken with Annual Server Shipment Projection Undergoing Downward Corrections




Global market intelligence firm TrendForce reports that it is now near the end of April, and prices have been finalized for a portion of DRAM and NAND Flash contracts for 2Q23...