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Press Releases
TrendForce: Tablet Shipments to See First On-Year Decline in 2014; Notebook Market Expected to Rebound


Consumer Electronics

When the iPad was launched in 2010, it was an instant hit and spurred a tablet PC craze Such was the popularity of tablets that notebook PC sales stagnated and eventually began to fall as consumers increasingly switched to tablets  Tablets have been revolutionary in the sense that they have created demand for a new product category – one that competes fiercely with netbooks and regular notebook PCs Yet in 2014, their novelty seems to have worn off Prices have bottomed out Low-price notebooks are stealing away tablet market share As a result, branded tablets will experience negative growth for the first time this year, said Caroline Chen, a notebook PC analyst with TrendForce, a Taiwan-based market intelligence firm Chen expects 153 million brand-name tablets will be shipped in 2014, a year-on-year decrease of 18% Notebook shipments, on the other hand, will increase 1% on year to 171 million, she added  With the tablet supply chain mature and shipments growing fast, the retail price of tablets has fallen sharply, Chen said As a result, among all producers besides Apple, there will be a long-term price war in the tablet market, she added Apple will merely release a revised version of its iPad Air in the second half of the year Meanwhile, Samsung, another major player in the market, has only equipped high-end tablets under its own brand with its OLED screens, suggesting that the tablet market is flagging TrendForce data back up that assertion The data show that while tablet shipments will rise in the second half of the year, the main reason that increase appears substantial is that shipments in the first half were so low  At the same time, because of rising demand for tablet PCs and the rapid decline in the retail price of notebooks, the market for netbooks has almost vanished By contrast, demand for notebook PCs has started to rebound “Time has shown that notebooks are irreplaceable,” said Chen “They offer larger screens than tablets as well as a keyboard and mouse, which are all important for those who use their computers primarily for work reasons Tablets remain limited to Internet browsing and entertainment functions”  TrendForce believes notebook shipments will increase in the second half of the year for several reasons First, with the tablet market flagging, they face fewer threats Second, demand for notebooks in the commercial market remains Finally, notebooks are priced very competitively All of these factors will contribute to boost notebook demand, giving brand-name manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo and others room to grow that side of their businesses As such, TrendForce estimates the global notebook PC market has the potential to expand 4-7% in the second half of the year, making 2014 the year when slowing notebook demand may finally reverse  Figure 1: 2008-2014 Brand-name Tablet PC and Notebook PC Shipments Growth Rate     For more detailed information on tablet and notebook reports, please refer to the "16 WitsView Monthly Mobile PC ODM Shipment Tracker” and "T5 WitsView Monthly Tablet Panel and Touch Module Price Book”

Press Releases
TrendForce: Acer surpasses Samsung to hold top spot in Chromebook shipments during 2Q14


Consumer Electronics , Display

Chromebook shipments reached 18 million in the second quarter of 2014, and Acer held the number one spot in shipments with a 30% market, surpassing Samsung Electronics for the first time, according to WitsView, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based TrendForce  According to WitsView Research Assistant Manager, Caroline hen, Acer and Samsung were neck and neck with one another in terms of shipments during the first half of 2014, both with approximately 900,000 The second half of the year will largely determine which takes the number one spot in Chromebook shipments due to the peak season  Acer’s 30% market share in the second quarter gave the company a 6pp increase over Samsung Hewlett-Packard (HP) meanwhile treaded closely with a 21% share to hold the number three spot Samsung used to be the top competitor in the Chromebook segment since 2013 but saw its spot drop in the second quarter due to high pricing for two new units that were released Meanwhile, other vendors had competitive pricing and released new units as well, which in turn provided consumers with a wider range of choices Most notably that the release of Microsoft’s US$249 unit has also decreased the attractiveness of the overall Chromebook market  Chen added that two major factors for Chromebook sales in the market include pricing and data security for enterprises Chromebook cloud computing storage is easy to manage for enterprise in terms of data security, but its pricing advantages lost out to Microsoft, who is lowering pricing for certain notebooks from US$249 to US$199 to further dominate in the low-priced notebook segment Overall, the penetration rate for Chromebooks in 2014 is expected to reach 3-5%  Graph 1 Chromebook shipment proportion by vendor during 2Q14 

Press Releases
Notebook shipments up 6.4% MoM to 14 million in May 2014


Display , Consumer Electronics

Notebook shipments reached approximately 14 million in May 2014, up 64% on month and up 9% on year Distributors’ strong stock up demands for new models including low priced US $249 Microsoft notebooks acted as a major growth momentum, according to WitsView, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce Hewlett-Packard (HP) saw strong 50% shipment growth in May as the company performed well in the tenders market Meanwhile, Toshiba’s monthly shipment growth set new record of 18% breaking the 1 million mark Dell and Apple, however, saw their notebook shipments drop 17% and 33% in the same month respectively, mainly because of higher shipment base periods in April 2014 The outlook for June notebook shipment volumes this year is expected to grow 9-11% spurred by summer sales stock up demands, and tightened panel supply in May that have caused delays throughout the entire production line Chen further pointed out that notebook shipments from Jan-May 2014 was up 5% on year to reach 645 million units, as economies across the globe improve and consumers are becoming more aware of the distinction between notebook and tablet capabilities Notebook shipments are expected to grow 9-11% in June, projected WitsView, adding overall shipment decline in 2014 will narrow down to 07% on year to 168 million units The research organization did not rule out the possibility of notebook shipments making a turn around   Photo: Notebook shipment market share by vendor

Press Releases
NB Shipment Eases Decline and Seeks Growth in Slow-Season Q2, Says TrendForce



The NB shipment for Q1’14 reached 405 M units, declining 12% QoQ because of the traditional slow season and the inventory accumulated since Q4 last year that needed to be digested, according to the latest NB shipment survey by WitsView, the display research division of TrendForce “As all brands roll out new models, the Q2 NB shipment seeks growth in the slow season and is likely to challenge higher-than-3% rise with the strategic distribution,” says Caroline Chen, Witsview’s Assistant Research Manager In terms of market shares by brands, HP remained in the lead in Q1 and saw a QoQ shipment drop narrowing to 9% and a YoY growth rising to 13% with the volumetric shipment in March On the other hand, Lenovo, staying as the second, lagged behind HP in terms of the shipment in March and showed an eight-percentage-point gap in the Q1 shipment Asus, with the accelerating shipment momentum of its hit product T100 in Q1, ranked in third with Dell Acer’s Q1 shipment, damped by both internal and external factors, declined 15% QoQ and can only pin the hope on new models launched in Q2 The penetration rate of touch function on NBs in Q1 attained only 124% and showed zero growth from Q4 last year “The market’s anticipation for NB price cuts is higher than the freshness of design, the 2-in-1 design meets the market’s demand but only the low-priced models can sell,” says Chen “The NBs priced at US$ 249 subsidized by Microsoft will be launched one after another in Q2, causing severe challenges to touch NBs” Figure-1 Top 10 Branded Notebook 4Q13 vs 1Q14  

Press Releases
Notebook Shipment Declined 9.3% in Feb. 2014, Only HP and Lenovo Saw Growth, says TrendForce



The notebook (NB) shipment in February 2014 decreased 93% compared to previous month to 123 million units due to inventory adjustments, fewer work days and labor shortage “The NB Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) have been relocating to western inland cities in China, where the population is less concentrated than coastal cities and labor recruitment is slower,” said Caroline Chen, Assistant Research Manager of WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce” Fluctuation in labor in February is a common problem for most manufacturers”   HP and Lenovo were the only two brands that showed growth in February, according to a latest WitsView survey After aggressive adjustments in January, HP boosted shipment in the following month and saw a monthly surge of 37%, closely followed by Lenovo’s 8% monthly growth The two brands are head-to-head in total shipments for the first two months this year, and continue their race for the top spot The remaining brands saw diverse shipment drops as Asus has outsold Acer since 4Q last year Acer shipment declined 30% and ranked in No4, right after Dell The NB shipment growth forecast for March is 17-20% as labor issue eases and shipment orders unfinished in February due to fewer business days are completed in March     Graph 1 February 2014 NB Market Shares by Brands

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