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TrendForce: Global Tablet Shipments Expected to reach 205M in 2014, up less than 5% on year


Display , Consumer Electronics

Global tablet shipments are expected to reach 2055 million in 2014, less than 5% on year, according to WitsView, a research division of TrendForce The tablet market is sandwiched between internal and external threats that are affecting market performance Internally, tablets have lost their novelty to attract consumers, and cutthroat price competitions are creating a desperate atmosphere in the market External factors at work, though, include competition from phablets and low-priced notebooks that are further dividing tablet market shares  WitsView Research Manager Eric Chiou noted, “Leading vendor Apple tablet shipments have remained low in 2Q14, with shipments estimated to only have reached 13 million Although, the company will be releasing new models in 2H14, it will have limited impact Moreover, iPad might experience its first decline since entering the market in 2010, with volume expected to drop from 743 million in 2013 to 684 million in 2014 The decline will mainly come as Apple is unlikely to hold any major promotional or sales events”  Second largest tablet vendor Samsung Electronics meanwhile is making great efforts to meet tablet shipment quotas, but growth has not met expectations with only 14% growth on year to 48 million in 2014 because of poor performance in both entry and high-end markets The limited increase comes as the company’s GalaxyTabPro has seen less-than-expected sales due to high costs and because there are many other tablet vendors offering tablet products with similar specifications in comparison with the company’s GalaaxyTabLite productThe company’s overall tablet shipments are expected to reach 48 million in 2014 as a result  Additionally, Amazon and Google typically release high Cost/Performance ratio (C/P) products in the third quarter of each year but are expected to cool off in 2014 PC vendors such as Asus meanwhile are cooperating with partners like Intel in order to drive down costs The end result is an expected increase in orders  White-box tablets are also in the doldrums in emerging economies Chiou added, “Due to 4G developments in China as well as lacking interest for simply Wi-Fi units means white-box shipments will take a hit Wearable devices are also emerging, which will result in flat shipment growth for white-box units this year” Table 1: Shipments and Market Share of Brands

Press Releases
TrendForce: Samsung Attacks Tablet Segment, Threatens Apple iPad Dominance


Display , Consumer Electronics

The fierce battle between Apple and Samsung in the smart phone segment will spread to the tablet arena in 2014 According WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the two giant brands show distinct strategies in the tablet business units as Apple retains a conservative defendant measure to secure profits and Samsung sees shipment expansion as top priority with the urge to grow actively With different strategy execution and effects, the shipment volumes of these two will be approaching with a market share gap narrowing to less than 10% in Q1 this year        WitsView’s senior research director Eric Chiou says Apple iPad’s 4Q13 shipment lifted to 26 million units with two flagship items joining in, lighter and slimmer iPad Air and higher-resolution iPad mini Retina, after a sales pause Despite of a record-high shipment in 4Q13, it couldn’t avoid a dropping market share from 439% in 2012 to 378% in 2013 The high-priced iPad this year has to not only confront the price-cutting competition from Android tablets, but face the clash with low-priced Windows 8 NBs, suggesting the overwhelming threat to the American brand’s superiority   Chiou adds that Samsung, catching up with Apple, refreshed a historical shipment record in 4Q13, 13 million units, with the market share rising rapidly from 109% in 2012 to 215% in 2013, holding the No2 place Following the sales performance, Samsung in the beginning of the year revealed Galaxy Tab Pro aiming at the mid-and high-end market and recently introduces Galaxy Tab Lite which shares the entry-level low-priced segment In view of the model lineup and launch schedule, Samsung demonstrates its strong ambition in the tablet market     Based on all the factors mentioned above, WitsView projects tablet shipments for Apple and Samsung are respectively 80 million and 70 million units for this year, with a gap trimming to 10 million units Besides, due to the slow season effect, most brands have inventory adjustment as priority while Samsung is likely to benefit the new model distribution and enjoy reverse shipment growth The two leaders’ market share difference will further shrink to less than 10 percentage points in 1Q14  [Graph] Tablet Market Share – Apple VS Samsung

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TrendForce: Tablet Software and Hardware See Difficulties on Differentiation, 2014 Shipment to Defend 20% Growth Target


Display , Consumer Electronics

Based on the projection by WitsView, the display division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the tablet shipment is projected 229 million units for entire 2014, seeing an annual growth dipping to around 20% As the expectation that Windows 8 encourages tablets’ commercial application in 2014 is shattered, the dominant Android damps the possibility the OS lifts the sales momentum Besides, the hardware also is pressured by prices, making the spec launched by brands to gain little traction among consumers WitsView points out several challenges to the hardware differentiation Firstly brands launch 12”-and-above tablets to develop the niche market in 2014 Nevertheless, the large-sized product is contradictory to tablets’ two major values, easy mobility and affordable price, making the product hard to promote Secondly, the high-resolution product’’ obstacle of high price is hard to clear as it stumbles on the way Witsview indicates the core to the high-resolution tablets is the panel, and the panels with 300 PPI-and-above resolution see challenges on the capacity, yield, and cost Google’s 2nd generation Nexus 7 unveiled in H2’13 is equipped with high 300 PPI resolution but its elevated selling price is reflected on the poor sales, underlining tablet consumers are more sensitive about the price than about the spec Witsview continues to hold a conservative view on the high-resolution tablets’ sales in 2014   Last, as the hardware differentiation is hard to achieve, the best measure to stir sales comes to price cuts For 2013 Black Friday, HP has revealed a 7” tablet tagged at only $89, pressing down brands’ entry-level tablets’ prices to below $100 To lower costs, brands are forced to take into account the cheaper components, including the short-lived TN panels in H1’13 and the single layer touch modules commonly adopted by white-box makers, which will be determinants for brands to cut prices in exchange of sales volumes in 2014 WitsView indicates 2013 is a harsh year for white-box tablet makers as on top of brands’ price cuts that squeeze their room for survival, the sudden price surges of key component, such as DRAM, drain makers’ limited profits and force small makers to withdraw from the market As the emerging markets have strong demands for low-priced tablets, after several cruel eliminations, the existing white-box tablet makers are relatively strong and healthy in terms of finance and business scale and are able to integrate ample resources to share the low-priced tablet demands in developing economies, including South American countries and India Based on WitsView’s data, the 2014 tablet shipment growth will be down from 34% this year to 20%, while white-box tablets see an annual growth rising from 7% to 21% Source: WitsView

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TrendForce: iPad Shipment Weakens with Q3 Market Share Continuing to Dip


Consumer Electronics

According to WitsView, the display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, the global 7”- and-above tablet shipment of the resolution WSVGA and up for Q3 attained 443 million units, surging 84% from the previous quarter Generally speaking, the Q3 tablet shipment has got rid of the sluggish atmosphere in Q2, however, some brands show no strengthening performances and lack the strong restocking ahead of the traditional holiday shopping season WitsView research director Eric Chiou indicates that despite new showcases of iPad Air and iPad mini 2, Apple’s shipment will concentrate in Q4, contrast with Q3 which has no strong new-launch support and suffers from consumers’ wait-and-see attitude on new releases While Apple’s tablet shipment was only 141 million units, trimming 5% QoQ, the iPad lineup’s market share continued to drop to a historical new low, 318% Based on WitsView’s analysis, ambitious Samsung takes advantages of Apple’s product reshuffle and boost its tablet shipment to a new record of 105 million units The full and diverse product portfolio is the key for Samsung to lift the tablet shipment and in addition to the entry-level Galaxy Tab and the high-end Galaxy Note equipped with S Pen, Samsung actively promotes the 8” products that are rarely emphasized by other brands, forming a complete lineup with the 7” and the 101” However, Samsung’s aggressive shipment also leads to risks of accumulating inventory As the No1 smart phone brand, Samsung enjoys rich resources with the telecom channel partners, but it cannot avoid the large-scale price-cutting campaign in Q4 to ease inventory pressure as tablet throat-cutting war intensifies   The PC brands who performed ideally in H1’13 see the price-cutting effect fading as the low-price atmosphere gets common Only Lenovo relying on China and bidding projects achieved excellent results, Asus and Acer merely had one-million-unit shipments in Q3, respectively, seeing a more than 30% drop from the previous quarter As new models from Apple and Amazon hit store shelves, PC brands face fiercer challenges in the current quarter Both Google and Amazon have the high-resolution 7” as the promotion core for this year Chiou says as a market pioneer, Google’s new Nexus 7 reached an significant shipment of 21 million units in Q3, more than doubling from that in Q2 However, new Nexus 7 with fine and upgraded resolution has compromised on the affordable price tag New Nexus 7 is expected to show an even weaker Q4 shipment than Q3 following the digestion of model distribution as its selling price tops the benchmark USD 200 for 7” tablets, indicates Chiou Besides, as Google and Amazon’s tablets share common features, the similar situation will happen to Amazon and damp its new model shipment in Q4 Based on WitsView’s analysis, the tablet remains the highly-anticipated consumer electronics product during the holiday shopping season, and the Q4 shipment is projected to attain 543 million units, rising 23% QoQ, with the release of new models such as iPad Air Nevertheless, the purchase in the tablet segment is losing the steam, and the constantly accumulating inventory from early this year will influence the Q4 market The tablet shipment forecast for entire 2013 is 1867 million units, including 1456 million units for branded tablets and 411 million units for white-box brands Source:WitsView

Press Releases
TrendForce:iPad Marked Historically Low Market Share 35% of Global Q2 Tablet Shipment



According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, the global shipment of the 7” tablets with WSVGA resolution and above attained 411 million units, dropping 124% from the previous quarter The seasonal factor, the generation shuffles for some mainstream products, and the inventory adjustments amid the weakening sales were all key reasons for declining shipments WitsView’s research director Eric Chiou says that Apple, as one single brand that controls the most volumetric tablet shipment, saw its 97” iPad entering the end of life cycle in Q2, and iPad mini’s relatively selling prices caused slow sales and the impacts from the inventory adjustments, leading to a dropping shipment of 146 million units compared with 195 million units in Q1 On top of the quarterly drop as high as 25%, its market share has dropped to 355%, the new historical low Samsung’s ambition of boosting the tablet shipment was also shown on the Q2 shipment Despite its slightly decreased shipment of 88 million units from the previous quarter, the Korean maker’s market share, supported by the newly launched 8” model, grew from 202% to 215%, still a remarkable result As for the two leading PC brands, Asus and Acer, their business cores both were placed on the under-$130 7” products, and the price-cutting strategy helped them become the two of a few brands counter to the declining trend, seeing excellent QoQ growth of 60% and 36%, respectively      “The two long-term winners of the entry-level tablet segment, Amazon and Google, showed unideal shipment results, holding shipment volumes of only 11 million and 09 million units, respectively,” Chiou indicates Amazon’s 2013 new models are all concentrated after September and the brand is in an empty-product period, while Google’s fighter model Nexus 7 had the 1st generation approach the end of life cycle in Q2 and saw a significantly dropping shipment The single-quarter shipment will bounce back to more than 2 million units in Q3 as the 2nd generation product is projected to ship smoothly  The white-box tablet couldn’t avoid the decline in Q2 The price increases and the short supply for the key component RAM led to double strikes of cost increase and insufficient supply to white-box tablets that had smaller production scales, in addition to brands’ strongly promoted entry-level tablets that squeezed their room for survival Under both the internal and external impacts, the white-box tablet saw a shipment volume of only 97 million units, declining 7% QoQ Based on WitsView’s analysis, on top of Amazon’s yearly new 7” model and the 2nd generation of Nexus 7, several highly-anticipated models will be revealed in Q3, including Apple’s heavyweight Generation 5 iPad and the new Android 101” tablet intensively designed by PC brands With the stimulation of improved spec and tempting prices, the Q3 shipment is projected to reach an amount of 496 million units, challenging a QoQ growth of 21% The tablet shipment for the entire 2013 is estimated at 1965 million units, including 1532 million units of brand tablets and 433 million units of white-box tablets

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