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Daily Express Nov.30,2023 Spot Market Today

30 November 2023

In today's DRAM spot market, the overall demand remains subdued, prompting suppliers to proactively lower their prices to manage their inventory. This price reduction is more noticeable for DDR4 and DDR3 x16 chips, but the stimulation of demand remains limited. Consequently, the market continues to experience sluggish trading conditions. In the mainstream category, the average price of DDR4 8G

Daily Express Nov.29,2023 Spot Market Today

29 November 2023

In today's DRAM spot market, most of the inquiries are focused on DDR5 2Gx8 and DDR4 1Gx8 brand chips. There has been a slight increase in actual demand from buyers, but due to limited available stock, the volume hasn't seen significant growth. As a result, the overall chip prices are fluctuating. In the mainstream category, the average price of DDR4 8G (1Gx8) 2666 rises to USD 1.712, and

30,000 Energy Storage Batteries Enroute: Desay Intensifies Focus on Advancing Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

28 November 2023

On the 19th of November, the initial shipment of 30,000 280Ah energy storage batteries, needed for Tianjin Zhongdian New Energy Research Ins

Global TV Shipments to Fall Below 197 Million Units for the First Time in 2023, Slight Growth of 0.2% Expected in 2024, Says TrendForce

28 November 2023

TrendForce’s latest research indicates that despite a decrease in the CPI in Europe and the US this year, consumer budgets are still constra

Surge in Energy Storage Orders: Exceeding 247GWh from January to November, High-Capacity and Large-Size Batteries Dominate Overseas Demand

28 November 2023

While excess production capacity and a shrinking overseas demand for energy storage pose challenges, 11 leading companies have defied the od

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