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Display Driver IC Prices Predicted to Stabilize in 2Q23 as Demand for Panels Grows QoQ, Says TrendForce

22 March 2023

The prices of large-sized DDIs have been resistant to falling as it’s too difficult for wafer prices to return to their pre-pandemic levels. The ASP of DDIs is expected to remain level throughout 2Q23 or dip slightly by 1–3%.

Global NAND Flash Revenue Reports a QoQ Decline of 25% in 4Q22 as ASP Drops Further, Says TrendForce

17 March 2023

As a result, NAND Flash bit shipments rose by a mere 5.3% as ASP fell 22.8%. Global NAND Flash revenue was reported to be US$10.29 billion in 4Q22 — down 25% QoQ.

Smartphone Camera Module Output Predicted to Grow to 4.62 Billion Units in 2023 as Smartphone Demand Picks Up, Says TrendForce

16 March 2023

Furthermore, increased production of camera lenses for budget smartphones means that production of phone camera modules is expected to increase by 3.6%, reaching a total output of 4.62 billion units in 2023, according to TrendForce research.

Total Revenue of Top 10 Foundries Fell by 4.7% QoQ for 4Q22 and Will Slide Further for 1Q23, Says TrendForce

13 March 2023

The quarterly total revenue of the top 10 foundries came to US$33,530 million, reflecting a drop of 4.7% from 3Q22. Moving into 1Q23, TrendForce projects that the quarterly total revenue of the top 10 will show an even steeper drop on account of seasonality and the uncertain macroeconomic situation.

Global Smartphone Production Fell by 15.5% YoY to 301 Million Units for 4Q22 Due to Underwhelming Busy Season, Says TrendForce

9 March 2023

According to TrendForce’s latest research, quarterly global smartphone production totaled around 301 million for 4Q22, reflecting a QoQ growth of 4% and a YoY decline of 15.5%.

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