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Global Smartphone Production Drops to a Ten-year Quarterly Low at 250 Million Units, Says TrendForce

7 June 2023

The ongoing global economic downturn continues to impact consumer confidence in the market. TrendForce reports that the global production volume of smartphones in 1Q23 was only 250 million units—marking a 19.5% YoY decrease. This represents not only the greatest annual decrease but also a historic low in quarterly production since 2014.

Apple Vision Pro Estimated to Ship 200,000 Units in 2024, Concerns around Price and Battery Life Linger, Says TrendForce

6 June 2023

Furthermore, considering factors such as pricing and the absence of certain essential features, TrendForce anticipates a modest shipment volume of approximately 200,000 units for Apple Vision Pro in 2024.

Certain Segments of China’s NAND Flash Wafer Market Poised for Slight Price Uptick Amid Elevated Inventories, Says TrendForce

6 June 2023

TrendForce research reveals that following significant production reductions by US and Korean manufacturers beginning in May, some suppliers have increased their wafer prices. This development has led to a slight elevation of market prices in China compared to those seen in March and April.

EV Battery Prices Plummet in May, Poised for Demand Surge in June, Says TrendForce

5 June 2023

TrendForce reports that May proved to be a turning point in the lithium salt market, highlighting a notable surge in prices. The price of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide in China skyrocketed from less than CNY 200,000/ton (~USD 28,000) to over CNY 300,000/ton (~USD 43,000).

Slump in Both Volume and Price Leads to Global Enterprise SSD Revenue Falling by Nearly Half, Says TrendForce

1 June 2023

This resulted in a significant 47.3% decline in Q1 revenue, reducing it to US$1.998 billion. However, after the Q1 inventory liquidation, there’s been a projected slight uptick in purchasing demand for server ODM orders in Q2. Consequently, enterprise SSD suppliers’ revenue is anticipated to revert to a growth trajectory in the second quarter.

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