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TrendForce: LCD Monitor’s Magnificent Q3 Shipment Performance Seems Short-Lived

4 November 2013 Display Anita Wang

According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, the global top ten LCD monitor brands and SI makers showed stronger-than-expected surges in Q3 shipments, respectively rising 5.8% and 7.9% from Q2 but trimming 4.8% and 5.6% from the same period last year.

Brands’ higher-than-expected LCD monitor shipments in Q3 mainly benefitted from: 1.the European and American retail channels preparing for the Q4 shopping season in advance; 2. Chinese retail channels’ early purchases for Oct. 1st   holidays; 3.most brands’ attempt to boost sales for the year-end peak season as their shipments in H1’13 were unideal. Besides, LCD monitor SI makers’ excellent shipments were thanks to brand clients’ aggressive shipment lift, and in addition, brands added orders early in September in response to fewer working days on Mid-Autumn and Oct. 1st  Holidays.

WitsView assistant research manager Anita Wang indicates despite of a rise in the Q3 restocking demand, the uprising shipment result may only be temporary and short-lived. Besides, as the year-end financial inventory taking approaches and downstream clients’ procurement tends to be conservative, WitsView projects 1.6% and 5.6% drops in top ten brands and SI makers’ Q4 shipments, respectively.    

2013 Top Ten LCD Monitor Brands and SI Makers’ QoQ Shipment Changes

Source: WitsView,Nov.-13

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