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TrendForce:Chromebook’s Soft Power Strengthens with 3% Penetration Rate for 2014

As Google’s Chromebook market expansion accelerates constantly in 2014, its penetration rate possibly rises to 3-4% in 2014, according to WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce.

“Chromebook’s three major advantages are its cultivation in the educational market that develops future clients, its data security protection and up-to-date feature which are beneficial to enterprises, and its affordable price for consumers,” WitsView assistant research manager Caroline Chen says.

Chromebook’s penetration depends on its soft competitiveness, which include services offered by Google that deeply relate to everyday life, and users’ reliance on Google services helps lower Chromebook’s entry barrier. Besides, major NB brands start the developments one after another, and the increasing retail channels boost product exposure and choices. In addition to the free cloud storage, the 4G version provides free transmission services for a certain amount of data. Last, the relatively low prices are suitable for the educational market and mid and small enterprises.

Chromebook indeed causes serious threats to Microsoft despite of its weaknesses, including its deep reliance on Internet connection and consumers’ unfamiliarity with Google’s document processing software.

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