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Value of Market for SiC Power Devices Will Surpass US$2.2 Billion in 2023 Due to Growing Demand Related to Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy, Says TrendForce

9 March 2023

With the cooperation among them becoming more visible, TrendForce projects that the value of the global market for SiC power devices will reach US$2.28 billion in 2023, reflecting a YoY growth of 41.4%.

Shipments of AI Servers Will Climb at CAGR of 10.8% from 2022 to 2026, Says TrendForce

8 March 2023

According to TrendForce’s latest survey of the server market, many cloud service providers (CSPs) have begun large-scale investments in the kinds of equipment that support artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Revenue from Enterprise SSDs Totaled Just US$3.79 Billion for 4Q22 Due to Slumping Demand and Widening Decline in SSD Contract Prices, Says TrendForce

6 March 2023

This price plunge, in turn, caused the quarterly total revenue from enterprise SSDs to drop by 27.4% QoQ to around US$3.79 billion. TrendForce projects that the NAND Flash industry will again post a QoQ decline in the revenue from this product category for 1Q23.

Global DRAM Revenue Fell by More Than 30% for 4Q22 as Suppliers Made Large Price Concessions to Drive Shipments, Says TrendForce

2 March 2023

According to TrendForce’s research, global DRAM revenue fell by 32.5% QoQ to US$12, 281 million for 4Q22. The QoQ decline for 4Q22 is larger than the QoQ decline of 28.8% for 3Q22 and comes close to the QoQ decline of 36% for the final quarter of 2008, when the global economy was in the midst of a major financial crisis.

YoY Growth Rate of Global Server Shipments for 2023 Has Been Lowered to 1.31% as Dell, HPE, and Inspur Continue to Revise Their Projections, Says TrendForce

1 March 2023

TrendForce now projects that global server shipments will grow by just 1.31% YoY to 14.43 million units for 2023. This latest figure is a downward correction from the earlier estimation.

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