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TrendForce Says Chinese TV Brands Will Procure Panels for 618 Promotional Activities Ahead of Time, so Non-Mainstream Brands Will Be First to Encounter Hikes in Panel Prices in February

21 February 2023

With the reduced number of work days in January, Chinese brands pulled some orders forward and began shipments for these orders as early as the end of 2022. Therefore, the effect of the low season during 1Q23 has been more severe for them. TrendForce projects that the total TV shipments from Chinese brands in 1Q23 will register a larger-than-average QoQ drop of 30.6%. 

Server DRAM Will Overtake Mobile DRAM in Supply in 2023 and Comprise 37.6% of Annual Total DRAM Bit Output, Says TrendForce

20 February 2023

According to TrendForce’s analysis on the distribution of the DRAM industry’s total bit output for 2023, server DRAM is estimated to comprise around 37.6%, whereas mobile DRAM is estimated to comprise around 36.8%. Hence, server DRAM will formally surpass mobile DRAM in terms of the portion of the overall supply within this year.

New PV Installations Worldwide Will Grow by More Than 50% YoY to 351GW for 2023 Thanks to Rising Demand, Says TrendForce

16 February 2023

TrendForce’s latest research on the global market for solar PV reveals that some of the unmet demand that emerged during the 2021~2022 period has been carried over to 2023. In the past two years, the supply chain for PV products experienced pandemic-related disruptions, and prices of PV modules (solar panels) were high due to a supply crunch for polysilicon.

TrendForce Says Slowing Growth in the Chinese NEV Market Led to an Across-the-Board Decline in Prices of Materials Used in Li-Ion Batteries in January, and a Further Drop Is Expected for February

15 February 2023

Turning to electrolytes and related upstream materials, the average price of LiPF6 (lithium hexafluorophosphate) fell by 11% MoM for January. This, in turn, caused the average price of electrolytes to drop by 11~15% MoM for the same month.

MLCC Suppliers Will Focus R&D and Capacity Expansion Efforts on Automotive Offerings so as to Bolster Demand During 2023, Says TrendForce

14 February 2023

According to TrendForce’s recent analysis of the MLCC market, suppliers’ average book-to-bill (BB) ratio has risen slightly to 0.79 this February. The flow of orders has slowed down as seasonality affects the demand related to consumer electronics, data centers, and 5G network infrastructure. However, orders for automotive MLCCs may be able to grow in volume due to Tesla initiating a round of price cuts on its vehicles.

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