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Global TV Shipments Are Projected to Drop by 3.9% YoY to Decade Low of Just 202 Million Units for 2022, Says TrendForce

21 December 2022

As a result, TrendForce now estimates that global TV shipments in 2H22 will reach 109 million units, reflecting a YoY decline of 2.7%. Global TV shipments during the whole 2022 are currently projected to total 202 million units, showing YoY decline of 3.9%. This annual shipment figure represents a decade low.

Smartphone Production Fell to About 289 Million Units for 3Q22 as Demand Was Not Sufficient to Offset Inventory Pressure and Economic Headwinds, Says TrendForce

7 December 2022

According to TrendForce’s latest research, global smartphone production totaled around 289 million units for 3Q22, showing a slight QoQ drop of 0.9% and a YoY drop of 11%.

New Products Including Sony PS VR2 and Meta Quest 3 Will Push Global Shipments of VR Devices to 10.35 Million Units for 2023, Says TrendForce

29 November 2022

TrendForce estimates that global shipments of VR devices will come to around 8.58 million units for 2022, showing a YoY drop of 5.3%. There are three notable factors behind the decline. First, the ongoing high inflation has been suppressing the consumer demand for end products this year. Second, VR brands have either opted to not release a new product this year or pushed back the schedule for releasing a new product. Lastly, the demand for Meta’s Quest devices has been dampened by a significant pricing adjustment. As for 2023, TrendForce forecasts that global shipments of VR devices will bounce back to a total of 10.35 million units and show a YoY growth of 20.6%. New products including the Sony PS VR2 and the Meta Quest 3 are scheduled for release next year, so they are expected to be a significant demand driver.

Projected iPhone Shipments for 4Q22 Has Been Lowered by 2~3 Million Units as Foxconn’s Base in Zhengzhou Temporarily Keeps Capacity Utilization Rate Around 70%, Says TrendForce

2 November 2022

Zhengzhou, the capital China’s Henan Province, was hit with a wave of COVID-19 outbreaks in the middle of October. The spread of the disease eventually reached Foxconn’s manufacturing base, where the number of infections rose significantly in late October. This event has thus directly affected the performances of the iPhone production lines that are deployed within the base. In its latest investigation of this event, TrendForce finds that the capacity utilization rates of the iPhone production lines have climbed back to around 70% as the local outbreaks are being gradually brought under control.

Economic Headwinds Intensify, Inventories Await Depletion, Global Notebook Shipments Forecast at Only 176 Million Units in 2023, Says TrendForce

2 November 2022

According to TrendForce, global notebook shipments in 4Q22 are likely to decline to 42.9 million units, down 7.2% QoQ and 32.3% YoY, lower than the same period before the pandemic. In addition, market demand is affected by negative factors such as inventory, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and rising inflation, leading to a downward revision of notebook market shipments in 2022 to 189 million units, a 23% decline YoY, with the proportion of shipments in the first and second half of the year at 53:47, the first top-heavy scenario in the past ten years.

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