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Apple Will Edge Closer to Samsung in Smartphone Market Share in 2016, Says TrendForce

19 November 2015

Total smartphone shipments for 2015 are projected to decline by 9.7% to 1.286 billion units, according to the latest report from global market research firm TrendForce. Though Chinese vendors have seen their shipments weakened as part of the ongoing slowdown in the worldwide smartphone market this year, their performances are above the global average.

TrendForce Says Smart Bracelets to Remain Dominant in the 2016 Wearables Market but VR Devices Will Become Main Growth Driver

18 November 2015

The market for wearable devices (also known as wearables) has maintained a certain growth level in recent years, though device vendors have not experienced a boom in demand as they would hope. The total wearable device shipments in 2015 are estimated at 68.1 million units, according to global market research firm TrendForce.

Rising Mobile Network Demand to Drive Mobile Communication Industry to 5G in 2016, According to TrendForce

17 November 2015

Much of the development of the global mobile communication sector this year involves telecom operators expanding the 4G network. Next year, mobile operators will be working feverishly to upgrade their networks to LTE and to grow the 4G user base with bundled service and end device packages.

TrendForce Says Sales of Microsoft and Amazon Tablets to Surge Against Market Headwinds in Q4

4 November 2015

Growth in the tablet market slowed down in the third quarter due to market saturation. Global market research firm TrendForce’s latest tablet shipment report reveals shipments worldwide during this period totaled 39.3 million units, up slightly by 6.8% from the previous quarter. Vendors will be relying on new products or promotion deals to drive shipments in the final quarter, which is likely to account for much of the sales this year.

Strong Demand Revives Notebook Shipments in Third Quarter with Growth Hitting 11.1%, TrendForce Reports

2 November 2015

After experiencing shipment slump in the first half of 2015, branded notebook vendors aim to finish the year off with a strong recovery by making a comeback with an all-out effort to expand their shipments. Notebook demand remained strong in the U.S. and started to pick up in China. The stabilization of currency exchange rates has also resulted a gradual turnaround in the European notebook market.

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