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Driven by Digitalization and Sustainable Development, Global E-paper Market Estimated to Reach US$4.7 Billion or 50% YoY in 2022, Says TrendForce

19 September 2022

The global electronic paper (e-paper) industry is on the rise due to digitization trends and ESG sustainable development. Based on e-paper’s power conservation and low carbon advantages, products such as e-paper tablets, electronic shelf labels, and electronic notebooks have quickly penetrated into the consumer and commercial markets. According to TrendForce estimates, the size of the global e-paper market will be approximately US$4.65 billion in 2022, growing 48.1% YoY, and is expected to reach US$20.34 billion by 2026.

TrendForce Provides Data for Apple Conference

7 September 2022

On the eve of Apple's upcoming new product launch presentation, TrendForce, a global market research organization, is providing relevant reference data to aid in your reporting. If you have any market questions regarding smart phones, smart watches, or other products please feel free to contact us, thank you!

Commercial Notebooks Still Battered by Economic Headwinds, Dragging Global Notebook Shipments Down to 195 Million Units in 2022, Says TrendForce

31 August 2022

According to TrendForce research, global notebook shipments reached 45.74 million units in 2Q22, down 17.7% QoQ and 24.5% YoY, setting a single-quarter post-COVID19 outbreak low. In addition to the end of pandemic proceeds, Chromebook's educational outlook is no longer rosy. Consumer demand has also been greatly reduced due to rising inflation in Europe and the United States and festering geopolitical issues. At the same time, repeated lockdown measures in Eastern China have not only seriously impacted the stability of the notebook supply chain, but also the huge Chinese consumer market as well as all three major world economies. Even though commercial demand in 1H22 seemed to have been backstopped by the return to the office, U.S. interest rate hikes, rising inflation and high inventory, and narrowing corporate profits and even losses have led to a reduction of capital expenditures and recession. The total number of notebook computers shipped worldwide in 1H22 was 100 million units, an annual decline of 14.7%. The forecast for notebook shipments for the entirety of 2022 is revised down to 195 million units.

2Q22 Global Smartphone Production Only 292 Million Units, Down 6% QoQ on China’s Pandemic Policies, Says TrendForce

31 August 2022

According to TrendForce investigations, 2H22 smartphone production planning was quite conservative as brands gave priority to adjusting distribution channel inventory. At the same time, weak market demand worsened on the back of China's pandemic controls and brands were forced to lower their production targets. As a whole, production volume dropped 6% in Q2, even though volume had always grown in previous second quarters. Global output was only roughly 292 million units, a 5% annual decline compared with the production performance in the same period in 2021 when a second wave of pandemic outbreaks occurred in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Explosive Inflationary Pressure and Slumping Consumer Demand, Global TV Shipments Fight to Hold at 200 Million Units in 2022, Says Trendforce

26 July 2022

According to TrendForce research, global TV shipments in 2H22 reached 45.17 million units, falling 5% QoQ and 6.8% YoY. This was the first time shipments fell below a record low of 46 million units in the second quarter. The economies of Europe and the United States have been hit by rising inflation and interest rate hikes. In addition, China has been affected by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and has repeatedly implemented measures such as lockdowns and a dynamic zero-COVID policy. These three major TV sales regions are facing different facet of economic issues, seriously affecting overall shipments and sales. TV shipments from Samsung and LG, mainly sold in Europe and the United States, were revised downward by nearly 30% in 2Q22 and, with a combined market share of nearly 32%, this development sent shockwaves through on the market.

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