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TrendForce Revises 2015 Branded LCD TV Shipments to 223.4M Sets but Expects Rising Demands for 4K and Large-Size Products

9 June 2015

WitsView, a division of TrendForce, has revised the global LCD TV shipments for 2015 downward from 225 million sets to 223.4 million according to its latest research. The estimated yearly shipment growth rate has also been adjusted from 4% to 3.3%. Several factors contribute to the revisions.

Chinese Lithium Cell Makers Ride on Back of Domestic Smartphone Brands’ Rise, Says TrendForce

9 June 2015

The latest research from EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, finds the shipments of Chinese branded smartphones have risen sharply in the past four years, with the 2015 shipments expected to grow by 11.6% year on year. Set against the previous year’s growth rate of 20%, this year’s projected shipment result is much less impressive even though it still reflects steady growth.

TrendForce Compuforum 2015: Smartphone Upgrades Initiates Competition for Better Specs in Key Mobile Components

5 June 2015

Global research firm TrendForce will be hosting “Compuforum 2015” with Taipei Computer Association and TechNews at the 4th floor VIP Room of Taipei International Convention Center on June 5, 2015 as part of the Computex Taipei 2015. Top analysts assembled from three of TrendForce’s research divisions – DRAMeXchange, WitsView and Topology – will be presenting their latest research on the key components of mobile devices and communication technology.

TrendForce Says a Wearable Device’s Competitive Edge Lies in Service-Related Opportunities

22 May 2015

The supply of Apple Watch have not kept up with the strong demand since its preorder sale earlier this year. According to the latest projection by Topology, a division of TrendForce, the 2015 shipments of Apple Watch are expected to reach 15 million sets. On the other hand, going above this shipment figure will depend on the performance of the entire supply chain in the second half of 2015. “Apple is widely recognized for its success in selling its smartwatches as hardware,” said Jason Tsai, TrendForce’s wearable device analyst.

Specs Become Market Focus as Next-Gen iPhone Set for Mass Production in June, Says TrendForce

21 May 2015

The beginning of 2015 was excellent for Apple as the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S remained strong. The total shipment of iPhones in the first quarter was over 60 million units, exceeding the market expectations. As the second quarter is drawing to a close, the smartphone market shifts its attention to the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 6S or iPhone 7). Interests on the next iPhone's future sales results are growing as more information about its specs have been leaked to the public.

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