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TrendForce: Brands Actively Lifted Q4’13 NB Shipment by 4.7% QoQ

24 January 2014

According to WitsView, the display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, the global NB shipment in Q4 2013 rose 4.7% to 46 million units after a 10.2% growth in Q3. HP consecutively held the No.1 place with an 8M-unit shipment while Lenovo came to the 2nd place with 7.4 M units. (Acquired brands’ shipments are excluded.)

TrendForce: Chinese Smartphone Brands Show Improved Performance, iPhone, Samsung, and Xiaomi Remain Dominant in China

23 January 2014

A 2013 study conducted on China’s consumers by AVANTI, TrendForce's research division, reveals Xiaomi to be close behind the country's two most recognizable smartphone brands--Apple and Samsung. HTC and Nokia's brand image performance, by comparison, is weakening in the country, and is gradually losing to that of China's domestic companies.

TrendForce: Branded Manufacturers Get Defensive, Decline in Worldwide PC Shipments Expected to Ease in 2014

20 January 2014

Following the end of CES 2014, products such as wearable computers and 4K TVs, rather than PCs and Notebooks, have become the main focuses among industry watchers. The PC shipments have been unable to recover since it showed a near 0% growth in 2011, and suffered an estimated 10% decline in 2013 even after Microsoft's new operating system and Intel's latest chip platforms had been introduced.

TrendForce: 1Q14 Worldwide Smartphone Shipments to Slide by 5.1% due to Inventory-Related Pressures

16 January 2014

Worldwide smartphone shipments reached 265 million units in 4Q13, showing a growth of 6.5% QoQ and 32.2% YoY, according to TrendForce’s research. Thanks to the recent momentum brought about by Apple’s new iPhones, the proportion of high-end smartphone devices shipped jumped from 35% in 3Q13 to 37% in 4Q13, whereas that for the mid to low-range models (ie. those whose prices fall within the range of US$450~US$150) remained at approximately 50%. For the entire 2013, worldwide smartphone shipments increased by an estimated 33.5% YoY, ending at approximately 945 million units. With smartphone makers ramping up Q4 shipments as a means to fulfill 2013 sales targets and pressures related to inventory digestion mounting, TrendForce projects that the global smartphone shipments will drop by an estimated 5.1% in 1Q14.

TrendForce: 2014 Wide-Viewing-Angle LCD Monitor Sees 25-30% Penetration Rate

23 December 2013

According to the survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce,the 2013 LCD monitor shipment including AIO is around 158 million units, dipping 5% YoY. The declining trend will continue in 2014 with a shipment of 150 million units, dropping 5.1% YoY. Among those, the LCD monitor shipment is around 134 million units, declining 6.3% YoY, and the AIO shipment is 16 million units, surging 6.7% YoY. What needs to be observed is panel makers turn aggressive on the wide-viewing-angle panel production, and the wide-viewing-angle shows a penetration rate as high as 30% of the LCD monitors in 2014.

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