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DRAMeXchange: WW DRAM revenue increase 6.9% in 1Q10 continuously

30 April 2010

Apr. 30th,2010------According to DRAMeXchange, 1Q10 DDR3 average contract price and spot price has rise 16% and 14% respectively after the huge jump-up 40% and 30% in 4Q09. 1Q10 DDR2 average contract price and spot price also rise 5% and flat given the strong 61% and 68% pricing up in 4Q09.

DRAMeXchange: iPad and iPhone will credit to the slight shortage on NAND Flash demand in 2H’10

28 April 2010

Apr. 28th,2010- iPad and iPhone 4G, the new product of Apple, has attracted many spotlight this year. According to DRAMeXchange, 2010 iPhone shipment is expected to reach 40M units while NAND Flash consumption will account 9% of total. We believe the NAND Flash demand will be boosted by Apple products, which will likely result in the mild shortage in 2H’10.  

Continuous DRAM tight supply will likely attain strong DDR2/DDR3 1Gb pricing trend to September

9 April 2010

Apr 9th,2010-----According to DRAMeXchange, given the aggressive demand from PC-OEMs, 1H’Apr. contract price still remains strong upward momentum that DDR3 is up 7% to US$46 while DDR2 is up 5% to US$42. From the market status, DRAM demand in 1Q10 and expected 2Q10 will be sustain the high level same as the peak in 4Q09.

DRAMeXchange: First time over 200M units, NB shipment growth is estimated at 30% YoY

31 March 2010

Mar.31st , 2010---DRAMeXchange has published the new research report toward Notebook industry. According to DRAMeXchange, NB shipment will have higher chance to grow over 200M units to 203M units with 27.3% YoY. Netbook is expected to grow 27.8% to 36.3M units while regular notebook will be adjusted up 27.2% to 167M units.

Mixed market concerns posed the slight ups and downs for 2H Mar. NAND Flash contract price

26 March 2010

Mar 26th,2010-----2HMar. NAND Flash contract price slightly fluctuated up or down within 5% due to the mixed favorable & unfavorable market factors. Most NAND Flash suppliers are benefited from the stable OEM orders from some electronic system customers, which will help to ease the impacts from the quarter-end inventory-cut & slow-season effects etc.

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