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DRAMeXchange: New product and Replacement effect will stimulate the NB market in 2010

9 October 2009

2009/10/9—According to DRAMeXchange, NB shipment is expected to grow 16%~18% in terms of ODM basis in 2010 and regular notebook will be re-emphasized instead of netbook strategically.

NAND Flash market forecast : Shortage likely in 2010

6 October 2009

Taipei,Oct. 6th,2009----From demand side perspective, DRAMeXchange  expects that various of NAND Flash application end product will recover in 2010 given the better global economy. The density of traditional NAND Flash application such as MP3, memory card and UFD will be continuously lifted.

The new challenge for Taiwanese DRAM vendors

5 October 2009

Taipei,Oct.5th,2009-----Contract price for commodity DRAM sharply dropped from 2007 due to the over-supply. The non-disciplined capacity expansion caused the commodity DRAM DDR2 price declined about 83% YoY. DDR2 contract price dropped another 30% YoY in 2008. DRAM vendors faced the challenging environment with low cash position on hand in 4Q08 and difficulty to raise the capital.

2HSep.mainstream MLC NAND Flash average contract price slightly up 1%~3%

24 September 2009

Taipei,Sep. 24th,2009---2HSep. mainstream MLC NAND Flash average contract price slightly rose 1%~3% due to the suppliers’ re-allocation policy by putting electronics system customers as the higher supply priority in September and October. Says DRAMeXchange.

Tight NAND Flash supply will continue to November; Strong NAND Flash demand for smartphone and MP3/PMP system customers

17 September 2009

Taipei,Sep.17th,2009----Since cellular makers launched series of new smartphones with embedded 8GB to 32GB NAND Flash and MP3/PMP makers recently launched new revised device equipped with embedded 16GB-64GB NAND memory for the sake of hot season demand in 2009, Tight NAND Flash supply will continue to November.Says DRAMeXchange.

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