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2009 WW DRAM CAPEX expected to cut 40% to 50%, says DRAMeXchange

15 January 2009

Taipei, January 6, 2000 --- According to DRAMeXchange, in the spot market, DDR2 1Gb eTT chip price has increased from the lowest 0.59 USD to recent 0.92 USD, a range of 56% since Mid December (12/15-1/6). DDR2 667 Mhz 1Gb chip price also rallied from 0.58 USD to 0.78 USD with the range of 34%.

DRAMeXchange indicates 2009 NAND Flash Demand Bit Growth Revise Down to 81%

5 January 2009

Taipei, December 31, 2008 -- Due to the slow demand of NAND Flash related applications, DRAMeXchange continues to revise 2009 NAND Flash bit growth down from 108.2% in September, 95.3% in October and to 93% in November 2008. Along with the upstream vendor capacity cut in December, the total bit growth is estimated to decline to 81%.

Major events in the 2008 DRAM industry

5 January 2009

Taipei, December 30, 2008 --- Looking back at 2008, WW DRAM industry has faced severe oversupply and industry structural problems. In 1H08, most 8 inch fabs has switched to non-DRAM productions.

DDR2 1Gb spot chip price may reach 1 USD again in Q1, says DRAMeXchange

5 January 2009

Taipei, December 23, 2008 --- After the DDR2 667Mhz 1Gb chip price plummeted through 1 USD cash cost in October and dropped to vendor’s material cost 0.6 USD, the DRAM vendors could not tolerate the loss any more and cut more and more output.

SSD penetration rate in Low Cost PC market drops from 70% in 1H08,to roughly 10% in 2009, DRAMeXchange reveals

11 December 2008

Taipei, December 10, 2008 --DRAMeXchange estimates Shipment for Low Cost PC in 2009 will reach 22.7M. However, SSD penetration rate in Low Cost PC market dropped from 70% in 1H08, 18% in 2H08 to roughly 10%.

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