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DDR2 1Gb spot chip price may reach 1 USD again in Q1, says DRAMeXchange

5 January 2009

Taipei, December 23, 2008 --- After the DDR2 667Mhz 1Gb chip price plummeted through 1 USD cash cost in October and dropped to vendor’s material cost 0.6 USD, the DRAM vendors could not tolerate the loss any more and cut more and more output.

SSD penetration rate in Low Cost PC market drops from 70% in 1H08,to roughly 10% in 2009, DRAMeXchange reveals

11 December 2008

Taipei, December 10, 2008 --DRAMeXchange estimates Shipment for Low Cost PC in 2009 will reach 22.7M. However, SSD penetration rate in Low Cost PC market dropped from 70% in 1H08, 18% in 2H08 to roughly 10%.

Both DRAM and NAND Flash contract prices fall by 10% in 1HDec; further declines may occur in 2HDec, according to DRAMeXchange

10 December 2008

Taipei December 9, 2008 --DRAM chip price still can't fight against the weak spot market demand, although the drop range was smaller than the previous week, further declines may occur. Last week (Dec 2nd to Dec 8th), the DDR2 1Gb eTT chip price dropped from 0.67 USD to 0.61 USD, with the drop range of 9%.

WW DRAM Q3 market revenue drops 2.4%, reaches 63.55 billion, says DRAMeXchange

10 December 2008

 Taipei, December 4, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange survey statistics, commodity DRAM contract price dropped 34% and spot price plunged to 52% in Q308. The price difference between contract and spot prices expanded from 0.3% ($2.13 VS $2.12) in Q2 to 14.7% ($2.07 VS $1.76) in Q3.

DRAMeXchange indicates DDR2 1Gb eTT price hits USD 0.81, marking a new historical low

26 November 2008

Taipei, November 25, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange, last week (11/18-11/24), DDR2 spot chip price hit historical low with DDR2 1Gb eTT price drop from USD 0.87 to USD 0.81, with a range of 6.9% and a 33.6% drop from the beginning of the Q4. DDR2 667 MHz 1Gb price dropped from USD 0.86 to USD 0.77, with a range of 10.5%, and 36.8% from the beginning of Q4.

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