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Global Top Ten IC Design House Revenue Spikes 32% in 2Q22, Ability to Destock Inventory to be Tested in 2H22, Says TrendForce

7 September 2022

According to the latest TrendForce statistics, revenue of the top ten global IC design houses reached US$39.56 billion in 2Q22, growing 32% YoY. Growth was primarily driven by demand for data centers, networking, IoT, and high-end product portfolios. AMD achieved synergy through mergers and acquisitions. In addition to climbing to third place, the company also posted the highest annual revenue growth rate in 2Q22 at 70%.

5G FWA Device Shipments Forecast to Reach 7.6 million Units in 2022, N. America and Europe Take Lead in Injecting New Business Opportunities into Supply Chain, Says TrendForce

6 September 2022

According to TrendForce research, shipments of 5G FWA devices will reach 7.6 million units in 2022, an annual increase of 111%, due to the expansion of 5G coverage and growing market demand for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services. 5G FWA device shipments in 2023 are estimated at 13 million units. At present, Nokia, Huawei, Casa Systems, and TCL have launched relevant solutions, using Qualcomm, MediaTek, and UNISOC made chips. Taiwanese players include Arcadyan, Zyxel, Sercomm, Wistron NeWeb, Askey, and Alpha Networks. As installed capacity increases, new demand is created for communication equipment manufacturers and new business opportunities become available to upstream component suppliers.

Sellers Under Heavy Inventory Pressure, 3Q22 NAND Flash Wafer Contract Price Dip Expands to 30~35%, Says TrendForce 

1 September 2022

According to the latest TrendForce investigations, moving into the second half of 3Q22, the lack of a peak season has led to a delay in inventory destocking. Transactions in the NAND Flash market have been frosty. Buyers are watching passively and tend not to negotiate pricing. Pressure on factory inventory has reached a breaking point and manufacturers are bottoming out pricing in order to make a deal. This move will lead to a further decline in manufacturer pricing. TrendForce once again revises downward 3Q22 NAND Flash wafer contract prices and the decline of pricing is estimated to balloon to 30-35% from the original estimate of 15-20%.

Commercial Notebooks Still Battered by Economic Headwinds, Dragging Global Notebook Shipments Down to 195 Million Units in 2022, Says TrendForce

31 August 2022

According to TrendForce research, global notebook shipments reached 45.74 million units in 2Q22, down 17.7% QoQ and 24.5% YoY, setting a single-quarter post-COVID19 outbreak low. In addition to the end of pandemic proceeds, Chromebook's educational outlook is no longer rosy. Consumer demand has also been greatly reduced due to rising inflation in Europe and the United States and festering geopolitical issues. At the same time, repeated lockdown measures in Eastern China have not only seriously impacted the stability of the notebook supply chain, but also the huge Chinese consumer market as well as all three major world economies. Even though commercial demand in 1H22 seemed to have been backstopped by the return to the office, U.S. interest rate hikes, rising inflation and high inventory, and narrowing corporate profits and even losses have led to a reduction of capital expenditures and recession. The total number of notebook computers shipped worldwide in 1H22 was 100 million units, an annual decline of 14.7%. The forecast for notebook shipments for the entirety of 2022 is revised down to 195 million units.

Rising Contract Pricing Offsets Falling Demand, Total 2Q22 NAND Flash Revenue Increases 1.1% QoQ, Says TrendForce

31 August 2022

According to TrendForce research, NAND Flash contract pricing increased by approximately 3-8% in 2Q22 due to Kioxia’s raw material contamination incident. However, consumer demand remained sluggish, resulting in weaker bits demand in laptops, chromebooks, TVs, and smartphones and leading to a rise in client inventory levels. Enterprise SSD purchasing has maintained strong momentum, offsetting sluggish consumer demand. In 2Q22, supplier bit shipments decreased by 1.3% QoQ, while ASP increased by 2.3%. Overall NAND Flash industry revenue reached US$18.12 billion, growing 1.1% QoQ.

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