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NAND Flash price will have sufficient momentum to rise would depend on upstream suppliers' further reduction decision, says DRAMeXchange

6 February 2009

Taipei, February 3, 2009 -- Due to Hynix earlier reduction on its 8 inch fab and Toshiba’s reduction on its 12 inch fab, NAND Flash price rebounded at the end of 2008. 8Gb and 16 Gb MLC contract price rose 70% and 50%, respectively, and reached $1.82 and $2.46.

Panel makers huge financial losses triggers another component price war, says WitsView

3 February 2009

Taipei, February 1, 2009---As panel makers gradually disclose their 4Q08 financial results, it is seen that even the first tier players have started to post huge financial losses. Obtaining further material costdown has become one of the most efficient ways to improve businesses. According to WitsView, the component price war is expected to be exceptionally intense this quarter.  

Both SI and brand monitor shipments fall 11% in December 2008, says WitsView

3 February 2009

Taipei, January 22, 2009---According to WitsView, the Top 10 SIs shipped a total of 7.9 million monitors in December. This amounted to a MoM drop of 11.8%. In the wake of the continuous macroeconomic woes, the decline was mainly attributed to the SIs’ inventory clearing since November, along with December’s year-end inventory accounting.

Large-sized panel shipment increases 9% to 405 million units in 2008, reports WitsView

3 February 2009

Taipei, January 21, 2009---According to WitsView, a total of 405 million large-sized panels were shipped in 2008. Compared to the 371 million figures in 2007, this amounted to a YoY growth of 9%. TVs increased 19.4% YoY to 97.47 million units. Meanwhile, NB grew 17.4% 127.75 million, while monitors slipped by 0.6% to and 179.46 million units.

DDR2 1Gb price may surge up to 1.2 - 1.5 USD after Qimonda declared bankruptcy, says DRAMeXchange

23 January 2009

Taipei, January 23, 2009---German DRAM vendor Qimonda declared Bankruptcy, DDR2 1Gb chip price may surge up to 1.2 USD to 1.5 USD, according to DRAMeXchange.

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