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iPhone 14 Pro Sales Favorable Yet Cannot Vanquish Rising Inflation, Apple Cuts 1Q23 Production to 52 Million Units, Says TrendForce

25 October 2022

Looking at Apple's 2022 sales, the company began adjusting the proportion of new products after the initial wave of pre-orders. The market response after the release of the iPhone 14 Plus was lukewarm, escalating Apple's product adjustment process. The iPhone 14 Pro series boasts improved specifications yet unit prices are the same as last year's models, making pre-orders for the Pro series highly popular. In the past, the Pro series was the first choice for the earliest wave of users. In addition, the delayed launch of the 14 Plus this year has led to more concentrated buying than in previous years. TrendForce indicates that the production ratio of the two models of the iPhone 14 Pro series has been increased from the initially planned 50% to 60% and it cannot be ruled out that this ratio will continue rising to 65% in the future. At present, the overall proportion of new iPhone models in Apple's shipments will remain at 36% and the company’s 2022 iPhone shipment target is 240 million units, an annual increase of 2.8%.

Consumer Budgets Shrink, Global OLED TV Shipments Forecast to Decline to 6.67 Million Units for the First Time in 2022, Says TrendForce

19 October 2022

According to TrendForce investigations, global TV shipments in 3Q22 reached 51.39 million units, growing 12.4% QoQ and falling 2.1% YoY. As the shadow of rising inflation envelops the world, consumer product budgets have become seriously constrained, indirectly inhibiting the willingness to purchase TV products. Entering the fourth quarter, TV brands have launched large-scale promotions in order to surge this year's shipments. TV shipments in 4Q22 are expected to increase by 10.8% QoQ to 56.96 million units, but still down 3.5% compared with the same period last year and a new low for the period. Under the influence of factors such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, rising inflation, and interest rate hikes, global TV shipments in 2022 are estimated at only 202 million units, falling 3.8% YoY, and the lowest level in the past decade.

TrendForce Announces 10 Tech Industry Trends for 2023

11 October 2022

​​​​​​ In this press release, TrendForce details 10 major trends that are expected to take place across various segments in the tech industry, as follows:

Driven by Digitalization and Sustainable Development, Global E-paper Market Estimated to Reach US$4.7 Billion or 50% YoY in 2022, Says TrendForce

19 September 2022

The global electronic paper (e-paper) industry is on the rise due to digitization trends and ESG sustainable development. Based on e-paper’s power conservation and low carbon advantages, products such as e-paper tablets, electronic shelf labels, and electronic notebooks have quickly penetrated into the consumer and commercial markets. According to TrendForce estimates, the size of the global e-paper market will be approximately US$4.65 billion in 2022, growing 48.1% YoY, and is expected to reach US$20.34 billion by 2026.

TrendForce Provides Data for Apple Conference

7 September 2022

On the eve of Apple's upcoming new product launch presentation, TrendForce, a global market research organization, is providing relevant reference data to aid in your reporting. If you have any market questions regarding smart phones, smart watches, or other products please feel free to contact us, thank you!

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