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DRAM production cut pressures packaging and testing utilization rate, says DRAMeXchange

19 November 2008

Taipei, November 19, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange, accompanied with the severe DRAM over supply and the global economic slow down, DDR2 1Gb eTT chip price has plunged from the beginning of the year USD1.76  to the current USD 0.92  in 2008, with a 48% drop range, and the DDR2 667 1Gb chip drop reached 53%.

DRAM Makers' critical decision: “reduce or retire", says DRAMeXchange

18 November 2008

Taipei, November 12, 2008 --- DRAMeXchange believes that the DRAM industry has entered the key adjusting stage of “reduce or retire”. The big scale reduction is now in progress and even some DRAM vendors will be out of the DRAM market in 2009. This adjusting wave will continue until the demand and supply come to balance.

DRAMeXchange reports 3Q08 NAND Flash ASP declines 30%

4 November 2008

Samsung took the first position in 3Q and continues to be the market leader. Samsung’s revenue reached US$1.138 billion and enjoyed the market share with 41.1%. Toshiba announced US$799 million revenue with 28.9% market share. Hynix ranked third place with US$397 million revenue and 14.4% market share.

DRAMeXchange estimates total DRAM worldwide production cut of 12-13%

4 November 2008

Taipei, October 29, 2008 --- Nanya and Inotera have also announced production cuts in addition to previous announcements from PSC, Elpida, Hynix, and ProMOS.

DRAM price below cash cost will cause future DRAM production cut, says DRAMeXchange

24 October 2008

Taipei, October 22, 2008 --- DRAM DDR2 1Gb 667MHz spot price fell nearly 50% from a high of US$2.29 on May 6’th to US$1.13 on Oct. 17’th. On Sep.30th, price fell 7% in a single day from US$1.37 to US$1.28. DRAM spot price fell below US$1.5, the average cash cost of most DRAM makers back in Sep. 6’th.

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