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2009 WW DRAM CAPEX expected to cut 40% to 50%, says DRAMeXchange

15 January 2009

Taipei, January 6, 2000 --- According to DRAMeXchange, in the spot market, DDR2 1Gb eTT chip price has increased from the lowest 0.59 USD to recent 0.92 USD, a range of 56% since Mid December (12/15-1/6). DDR2 667 Mhz 1Gb chip price also rallied from 0.58 USD to 0.78 USD with the range of 34%.

Monitor panel prices stay flat in 1HJan, says WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, January 7, 2008---According to WitsView's 1HJan price survey, mainstream TV and notebook panels continued to fall respectively by 2-6% ($5-10) and 4-5% ($2-3), while monitor panels remained stable.  

WitsView: Sluggish demand sends SI and brand monitor shipments down in November

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 24, 2008---According to WitsView’s Top 10 SI monitor survey, shipments slumped by 28.3% MoM during November. But given the deteriorating global economy, clients continued to cut orders, thus resulting in a bigger than expected decline.

TV panel prices still face huge pressure in 2HDec due to inventory issues, according to WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 22, 2008---According to WitsView’s market survey, mainstream IT panel prices fell by 2-4% ($2-3) in 2HDec, while TVs dropped by 7-11% (about $20-30).  

Panel shipments fall by 23.7% in November on weaker demand and supply, reports WitsView

13 January 2009

Taipei, December 17, 2008---According to WitsView’s survey, worldwide large-size panel shipments in November reached 25.83 million units, a 23.7% MoM and 26.4% YoY decline. The shipment drop during the traditional strong season stemmed from the brand vendors’ cut back in orders, as the persisting macroeconomic woes weighed on the end market demand.

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