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DDR3 July contract price is expected to rise 5%~10%. DDR3 portion will be up to 30% by the year end

2 July 2009

 Taipei,July 1st 2009----- The June contract price did not fluctuate since some contract deals between PC OEMs and DRAM vendors are conducted either in monthly basis or quarterly basis. DRAMeXchange believes that DDR3 contract price in July will increase 5%~10% due to the aggressive CULV promotion and new contract deal negotiation in July.

Mainstream MLC NAND Flash average contract price roughly stayed flat in 2H June

24 June 2009

Taiepi,June 24th 2009----Mainstream MLC NAND Flash average contract price stayed flat or slightly declined in 2H June due to the interaction of quarter-end, slow reason and new smart phone launch effects. Therefore, recent NAND Flash market showed consolidating status.Says DRAMeXchange.

DRAMeXchange: SSD penetration rate in standard NB PC to be about 1.5% in 2009

23 June 2009

 Taipei,June 23,2009---Solid State Drive (SSD) has been the killer application in NAND Flash market due to higher content per system consumption and more popular applications.

NAND Flash Price Remains Flat due to Quarter-End Effect and Slow Season.

18 June 2009

Taipei,June 18th,2009----NAND Flash market has remained stable since the beginning of June. As for demand side, the market has not fully recovered and end-product sales are perceived weak.Says DRAMeXChange.  

“iPhone 3G S” launch will help stabilize the NAND Flash price in slow season; 1HJune mainstream MLC contract price dropped 1% to 6%

9 June 2009

 Taipei,June 9th 2009----NAND Flash contract price showed up and down in 1HJune, while the contract price for mainstream high-density MLC chips slightly declined 1% to 6% due to the slow season and quarter-end effects.Says DRAMeXchange.

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